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St James, Muswell Hill

Dominating Muswell Hill is this large church of 1900-1902 by J.S. Alder. Tower and spire were added 1909-10.

          muswell_hill_st_james190913_22 muswell_hill_st_james190913_3
 muswell_hill_st_james190913_19  muswell_hill_st_james190913_5
 muswell_hill_st_james190913_6  muswell_hill_st_james190913_16
 muswell_hill_st_james190913_11  muswell_hill_st_james190913_12
 muswell_hill_st_james190913_15  muswell_hill_st_james190913_13

Our Lady of Muswell, Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill (Roman catholic)

To the north of the centre of Muswell Hill, a typical RC brick basillica of 1938 by T.H.B. Scott.

      muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_12 muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_13
 muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_5  muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_11
 muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_10  muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_8
 muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_2  muswell_hill_our_lady_of_muswell_rc190913_3

St Andrew, Alexandra Park Road, Muswell Hill

A  J.S. Alder church dating from 1903, rebuilt and a new west end added in 1957 by R.S. Morris following war damage. The glass is by Goddard & Gibbs and dates from the reconstruction.