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St John the Divine, Upper Selsdon Road, Selsdon

The east end and tower of this typical Newberry and Fowler church of 1935 face the road. This end of the church was rebuilt to the original design following WW2 damage.

St James, St James Road, Riddlesdown

Partway up a steep hillside above the Brighton Road, the church was designed by Greenaway and Newberry and constructed in 1915. In 1930 Newberry & Fowler extended the nave by a bay and added a chancel, north chapel and vestries.

St Francis of Assisi, Ravenswood Avenue, West Wickham

The church for the modern town centre of West Wickham. It dates from 1935 and is a typical Newberry & Fowler interwar church. A nondescript north aisle was added in 1973. The east window replaces a war damaged window.


St Mary, World’s End Lane, Green Street Green

With fields on two sides this is at the southern end of the built up area of the borough. It dates from 1937 and is by Newberry and Fowler. The circular stained glass window was designed and made on site by the vicar and a group from the congregation in 2011 -2012.

green_street_green_st_mary_rc220217_7  green_street_green_st_mary_rc220217_
 green_street_green_st_mary_rc220217_4  green_street_green_st_mary_rc220217_2
 green_street_green_st_mary_rc220217_3  green_street_green_st_mary_rc220217_6
        green_street_green_st_mary020317_17  green_street_green_st_mary020317_19
 green_street_green_st_mary020317_15  green_street_green_st_mary020317_
 green_street_green_st_mary020317_1  green_street_green_st_mary020317_2
 green_street_green_st_mary020317_12  green_street_green_st_mary020317_14
 green_street_green_st_mary020317_10  green_street_green_st_mary020317_21
 green_street_green_st_mary020317_35  green_street_green_st_mary020317_32
 green_street_green_st_mary020317_22  green_street_green_st_mary020317_23

All Saints, East Sheen Avenue, East Sheen

A church of 1929 by Newberry & Fowler. The west window is a memorial to Suzy Lamplugh by Alan Younger.

east_sheen_all_saints121016_25 east_sheen_all_saints121016_23
 east_sheen_all_saints121016_19  east_sheen_all_saints121016_8
 east_sheen_all_saints121016_13  east_sheen_all_saints121016_21
 east_sheen_all_saints121016_7  east_sheen_all_saints121016_9
 east_sheen_all_saints121016_16  east_sheen_all_saints121016_12
 east_sheen_all_saints121016_22  east_sheen_all_saints121016_17
 east_sheen_all_saints121016_18  east_sheen_all_saints121016_10

St Patrick, Park Hill Road, Wallington

Deep in suburbia and well south of the town centre. The church dates from 1932 and is by Newberry & Fowler.

  wallington_st_patrick050314_2  wallington_st_patrick050314_3
 wallington_st_patrick050314_1  wallington_st_patrick050314_4

St James, Malden Road, New Malden

A large church by the Kingston by-pass. It was built 1935 by Newberry and Fowler.

  new_malden_st_james200314_4  new_malden_st_james200314_6
 new_malden_st_james200314_1  new_malden_st_james200314_3

St John, Kingston Road, New Malden

A small church of 1939 by Newberry and Fowler on the busy road to Kingston.

new_malden_st_john200314_  new_malden_st_john200314_1
 new_malden_st_john200314_2  new_malden_st_john200314_3

St George and St Ethelbert, Burford Road, East Ham

Deep in residential East Ham a brick church of 1935-37 by Newberry and Fowler inspired by Hereford cathedral and partly paid for by that diocese.

east_ham_st_george130513_3 east_ham_st_george130513_
 east_ham_st_george130513_4 east_ham_st_george130513_5
 east_ham_st_george130513_6  east_ham_st_george130513_1

Church of the Good Shepherd, Collier Row Lane, Collier Row

A very conservative looking church of 1934-35 by Newberry & Fowler. The chancel is now almost devoid of furnishings apart from the altar