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St Alphage, Montrose Avenue, Burnt Oak

Tha Anglican church for the Watling Estate, just off the broadway. It is a very long basilica by Charles Nicholas and J.E. Dixon-Spain and dating from 1927. The west front was added in 1952 following WW2 damage.


Our Lady, Lisson Grove, St John’s Wood (Roman Catholic)

An early Catholic church 0f 1833-36 designed by J.J. Scoles. Thr teansepts were originally living qurters but were converted into chapels in 1937 by Nicholas & Dixon Spain.

st_johns_wood_our_lady_lisson_grove_rc191214_3  st_johns_wood_our_lady_lisson_grove_rc191214_4
 st_johns_wood_our_lady_lisson_grove_rc191214_24  st_johns_wood_our_lady_lisson_grove_rc191214_21
 st_johns_wood_our_lady_lisson_grove_rc191214_7  st_johns_wood_our_lady_lisson_grove_rc191214_6
 st_johns_wood_our_lady_lisson_grove_rc191214_9  st_johns_wood_our_lady_lisson_grove_rc191214_8
 st_johns_wood_our_lady_lisson_grove_rc191214_14  st_johns_wood_our_lady_lisson_grove_rc191214_18
 st_johns_wood_our_lady_lisson_grove_rc191214_19  st_johns_wood_our_lady_lisson_grove_rc191214_11