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St Pius X, St Charles Square, North Kensington

Built in 1908 as the chapel for St Charles College by P.A. Lamb and R. O’B. North. Now a parish church whose dull exterior hides a vibrant interior.

north_kensington_st_pius_x_rc210416_  north_kensington_st_pius_x_rc210416_32
 north_kensington_st_pius_x_rc210416_1  north_kensington_st_pius_x_rc210416_13
 north_kensington_st_pius_x_rc210416_16  north_kensington_st_pius_x_rc210416_12
 north_kensington_st_pius_x_rc210416_11  north_kensington_st_pius_x_rc210416_8
 north_kensington_st_pius_x_rc210416_10  north_kensington_st_pius_x_rc210416_6
 north_kensington_st_pius_x_rc210416_20  north_kensington_st_pius_x_rc210416_18