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Chapel (former), Mount Vernon Hospital, Rickmansworth Road, Northwood

Mount Vernon Hospital was build as a Consumption (TB) hospital in 1902-1904 and designed by Frederick Wheeler, In 1905 this free standing arts and crafts style chapel was added a short way from the main building. After disuse in the 1960s it was converted to the Fowler Scott Cancer Research Library in 1988 by Bill Miller Associates, before becoming the home to the Gray Cancer Research Laboratory’s lecture theatre. They vacated it in 2009 and it has been disused since. The wooden screen with a list of chaplains and the opening details was visible through some damaged windows at the south-east end in May 2021, by Early June 2021 the windows had been repaired and covered with a metal mesh. It is listed Grade2* but its future use is not decided. Descriptions of the interior suggest that, at least, originally it had sumptuous fittings.

Nearby at one end of the main hospital block is a building labelled as the viewing chapel which in style suggests that it was another slightly earlier chapel, one stained glass window is visible from outside. A few images are at the end of this set. It would seem likely that this was a mortuary chapel rather than a worship space.

Holy Trinity, Rickmansworth Road, Northwood

Well west of the station and the town centre. This is a church of 1854 by S.S. Teulon, with a north aisle added by the Cutts Brothers in 1894 and a south aisle and west baptistery added in 1927 by W.C. Waymouth.

northwood_holy_trinity130314_  northwood_holy_trinity130314_4

Emmanuel, High Street, Northwood

Some way from the station, this is a large church of 1903 by Frank Elgood. A large western extension hides most of the west front, this is by Riley and Glanfield and dates from 1982. It forms part of a large evangelical complex.

northwood_emmanuel130314_1 northwood_emmanuel130314_3
 northwood_emmanuel130314_6  northwood_emmanuel130314_15
 northwood_emmanuel130314_19  northwood_emmanuel130314_23
 northwood_emmanuel130314_20  northwood_emmanuel130314_9
 northwood_emmanuel130314_24  northwood_emmanuel130314_21

St Matthew, Hallowell Lane, Northwood (Roman Catholic)

A plain church of 1923-24 in a road off the main street near Northwood Station. The aisles were extended in 1983 by Gerald Murphy of Burles, Newton & Partners

northwood_st_mathew_rc30314_  northwood_st_mathew_rc30314_3

St Edmund the King, Pinner Road, Northwood Hills

A late church by N.F. Cachemaille-Day, dating from 1964, the lady chapel at right angles to the church is the chancel of a former hall church of 1935.

     northwood_hills_st_edmund30314_20 northwood_hills_st_edmund30314_22
 northwood_hills_st_edmund30314_15  northwood_hills_st_edmund30314_16
 northwood_hills_st_edmund30314_  northwood_hills_st_edmund30314_1