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St Peter, Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill

A very late, 1852, classical church, designed by T. Allom The chancel was added in 1879 by James Edmonston Junior and Charles Barry Junior.

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 ladbroke_grove_st_peter020316_12  ladbroke_grove_st_peter020316_26
 ladbroke_grove_st_peter020316_13  ladbroke_grove_st_peter020316_31
 ladbroke_grove_st_peter020316_25  ladbroke_grove_st_peter020316_16
 ladbroke_grove_st_peter020316_17  ladbroke_grove_st_peter020316_4

All Saints, Talbot Road, Notting Hill

Built 1852-61 and designed by William White. The tall tower was surmounted by a spire. War time damage was repaired by Milner & Craze in 1951.

 notting_hill_all_saints020415_  notting_hill_all_saints020415_16
 notting_hill_all_saints020415_9  notting_hill_all_saints020415_15 (2)
 notting_hill_all_saints020415_3  notting_hill_all_saints020415_6