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St David Welsh Church, St Mary’s Terrace, Paddington (former)

A Welsh language Anglican church very close to St Mary Paddington Green. It was built in 1896 by C. Evans Vaughan. It has been shared with a French school for some time and was recently declared redundant. It is approached through a gateway at the side of housing.

paddington_st_david260216_  paddington_st_david260216_5
 paddington_st_david260216_3  paddington_st_david260216_4
 paddington_st_david260216_2  paddington_st_david260216_1

St Peter, Elgin Avenue, Paddington

A small church built as part of a community complex. It is by Biscoe & Stanton and dates from 1974-77, replacing a 19th century church.

paddington_st_peter191214_  paddington_st_peter191214_2

St Saviour, Warwick Avenue, Paddington

Built 1973-76 by Biscoe & Stanton as a mixed housing/church development to replace a mid 19th century church.

paddington_st_saviour_warwick_avenue090214_ paddington_st_saviour_warwick_avenue090214_2

St Mary, Paddington Green

Now almost next to the noisy Westway. It is a church of 1788-91 by John Plaw, restored by Raymond Erith and Quinlan Terry in 1972-74.

paddington_green_st_mary090214_6  paddington_st_mary260216_33
 paddington_st_mary260216_32  paddington_st_mary260216_29
 paddington_st_mary260216_  paddington_st_mary260216_1
 paddington_st_mary260216_24  paddington_st_mary260216_25
 paddington_st_mary260216_19  paddington_st_mary260216_13
 paddington_st_mary260216_5  paddington_st_mary260216_6
 paddington_st_mary260216_4  paddington_st_mary260216_11
 paddington_st_mary260216_10  paddington_st_mary260216_16
 paddington_st_mary260216_27  paddington_st_mary260216_9
 paddington_st_mary260216_26  paddington_st_mary260216_12
 paddington_st_mary260216_7  paddington_st_mary260216_8

Catholic Apostolic Church, Maida Avenue

A large J.L. Pearson church, for this virtually disappeared sect. It was built 1891-93 and faces the Regent’s Canal near Little Venice.

maida_avenue_catholic_apostolic_church170112_2 maida_avenue_catholic_apostolic_church170112_1
 paddington_catholic_apostolic_church190114_4  paddington_catholic_apostolic_church190114_1

St James, Sussex Gardens, Paddington

The bulk of the church is by G.E, Street 1881-82 but the chancel of a church by Goldicutt & Gutch from 1841-43 was used as the west end of the new church.


St John the Evangelist, Hyde Park Crescent

Between Paddington Station and Edgware Road. Built by Charles Fowler 1829-32 and restored by Arthur Blomfield 1888.

paddington_st_john_hyde_park_crescent020415_19          paddington_st_john_hyde_park_crescent020415_21
 paddington_st_john_hyde_park_crescent020415_13  paddington_st_john_hyde_park_crescent020415_3
 paddington_st_john_hyde_park_crescent020415_12  paddington_st_john_hyde_park_crescent020415_1
 paddington_st_john_hyde_park_crescent020415_2  paddington_st_john_hyde_park_crescent020415_5