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All Saints (former), Bute Avenue, Petersham

Built in 1907-08 by John Kelly, it is a huge Romanesque, very red basilica down a private road. It was never consecrated and regular services ended in the early 1960s, after that it was used only for weddings and occasional services until 1981. It was out of use by 1986 and sold for conversion to housing in 1996. I visited the interior in the early 1980s but have no pictures.

 petersham_all_saints_former021116_12  petersham_all_saints_former021116_11
 petersham_all_saints_former021116_  petersham_all_saints_former021116_1
 petersham_all_saints_former021116_2  petersham_all_saints_former021116_3
 petersham_all_saints_former021116_4  petersham_all_saints_former021116_8
 petersham_all_saints_former021116_10  petersham_all_saints_former021116_6
 petersham_all_saints_former021116_7  petersham_all_saints_former021116_9

St Peter, Petersham Lane, Petersham

Down a narrow lane, off the main road in the pretty but traffic laden village of Petersham, south of Richmond. The chancel is 13th century, the rest of the church was rebuilt in the 16th century and a tower and transepts added in the 17th century.

petersham_st_peter021116_6 petersham_st_peter021116_5
 petersham_st_peter021116_4  petersham_st_peter021116_1
 petersham_st_peter021116_2  petersham_st_peter021116_3