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Grail Community Chapel (former), Waxwell Lane, Pinner now SPEC Retreat Chapel (Roman Catholic)

A small chapel added to the rear of a farmhouse north of the town centre. It was built for a Catholic Lay Community called The Grail Community in 1957. The Grail Community left in 2012 and SPEC (Spiritual & Personal Encounter with Christ) took over the site in 2014. A tapestry of the Last Supper behind the altar is no longer in place, but a metal and ceramic Stations of the Cross by Caryl Houselander remains at the entrance end.

St Luke, Love lane, Pinner (Roman Catholic)

Right in the town centre, a distinctive twin towered church of 1957 designed by F.X. Verlade.

          pinner_st_luke_rc280116_23  pinner_st_luke_rc280116_22
 pinner_st_luke_rc280116_21  pinner_st_luke_rc280116_10
 pinner_st_luke_rc280116_17  pinner_st_luke_rc280116_16
 pinner_st_luke_rc280116_  pinner_st_luke_rc280116_3
 pinner_st_luke_rc280116_24  pinner_st_luke_rc280116_18
 pinner_st_luke_rc280116_11  pinner_st_luke_rc280116_1

St John the Baptist, Church Street, Pinner

A large example of a typical 13th and 14th century Middlesex village church. Restored by J.L. Pearson in 1879-80, the roofs are his. It sits at the top of a hill looking down over the town centre.

pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_1  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_49
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_48 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_43
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_3  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_40
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_26  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_6
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_5  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_31
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_29  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_41
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_21  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_35
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_14  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_11
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_19  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_13
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_22  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_20
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_33  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_4
 pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_8  pinner_st_john_the_baptist101015_44