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Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (St Margaret’s Convent), Bethell Avenue, Plaistow, E16 4HU (Roman Catholic)

The chapel was built 1929-31 by W.C. Mangan, it is hidden away in back streets between Plaistow and Canning Town..

plaistow_st_philip_and_st_james_rc090513_5  plaistow_st_philip_and_st_james_rc090513_4

St Philip and St James, Whitwell Road, Plaistow

From 1954-55 by J. Harold Gibbons, in an area of housing just north of Barking Road.

plaistow_st_philip_and_st_james_rc090513_7 plaistow_st_philip_and_st_james_rc090513_3
 plaistow_st_philip_and_st_james_rc090513_2  plaistow_st_philip_and_st_james_rc090513_1

St Mary, Plaistow

A rather grim looking church of 1981 hidden in a corner of the churchyard of a demolished late nineteenth century church.

 plaistow_st_mary090513_3  plaistow_st_mary090513_2

St Chad and St Andrew, Plaistow

A James Brooks church of 1868-70. Now used by the Brazillian cult church Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

plaistow_st_chad051211_5  plaistow_st_chad051211_7
 plaistow_st_chad051211_1  plaistow_st_chad051211_2
 plaistow_st_chad051211_3  plaistow_st_chad051211_