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St John the Evangelist, Beckenham Road, Penge

Next to the attractive Watermen’s Almshouses and sideways on the the street. This is church of 1850 by Edwin Nash and J.N. Round. The aisles and transepts were added in 1861 and 1866, respectively to designs by Nash. The north aisle is now divided off as a hall and the worship area re-orientated towards the north wall of the nave.


Christ Church, Christchurch Park, Sutton

A large church in 19th century suburbia south of the railway station. It dates from 1887-88 and is by Newman and Jacques. The low west end was added 1910-12 by J.D. Round.

sutton_christ_church240215_1  sutton_christ_church240215_53
 sutton_christ_church240215_50  sutton_christ_church240215_54
 sutton_christ_church240215_51  sutton_christ_church240215_52
 sutton_christ_church240215_2  sutton_christ_church240215_3
 sutton_christ_church240215_13  sutton_christ_church240215_49
 sutton_christ_church240215_44  sutton_christ_church240215_48
 sutton_christ_church240215_46  sutton_christ_church240215_17
 sutton_christ_church240215_22  sutton_christ_church240215_12
 sutton_christ_church240215_6  sutton_christ_church240215_23
 sutton_christ_church240215_14  sutton_christ_church240215_40
 sutton_christ_church240215_37  sutton_christ_church240215_35