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St Aidan, Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon (Roman Catholic)

Lower down the hill than St Andrew but firmly in suburbia. The original church was begun in 1932 by Adrian Scott and completed in 1966 by Burles, Newton & Partners.

Our Lady of Victories, High Street, Kensington (Roman Catholic)

Just behind the west end of Kensington’s shopping area. It is a large church of 1955-58 by Adrian Scott. The north east chapel is by Archard & Partners.

               kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_20  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_18
 kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_1  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_17
 kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_14  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_9
 kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_12  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_2
 kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_15  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_4
 kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_8  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_7
 kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_10  kensington_our_lady_of_victories_rc170316_16

St Joseph, High Street, Wealdstone (Roman Catholic)

At the north end of the town centre, this is a double aisled and double transept church of 1931 by Adrian G. Scott.

            wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_19  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_15
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_17  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_16
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_12
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_13  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_11
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_9  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_4
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_1  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_7

Christ the King, The Crescent, Wimbledon Park (Roman Catholic)

Very close to Wimbledon Park tube station, it is a low building of 1928 by Adrian Scott. The body of the church is sunken and accessed by two short flights of steps.

St Joseph, Kingston Road, New Malden (Roman Catholic)

Built in 1922-35 by Osmund Bentley and completed by Adrian Gilbert Scott.

new_malden_st_joseph_rc200314_2  new_malden_st_john200314_5
 new_malden_st_joseph_rc200314_1  new_malden_st_joseph_rc200314_3

St Mary and St Joseph, Upper North Street, Poplar (Roman Catholic)

Built to replace a war damaged church. It is a bulky massive church of 1954 by Adrian Gilbert Scott.

poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_2 poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_8
 poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_14  poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_17
 poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_16  poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_11

St Alban, Brooke Street, Holborn

One of William Butterfield’s major works from 1856-62, it was badly war damaged and rebuilt in a simplified design, apart from the tower and west end,  by Adrian Scott 1959-61. The Clergy House remains from Butterfield’s building. The huge mural and Stations of the Cross were painted by Hans Feibusch. The Mackonochie chapel  at the west end was added by C.H.M. Mileham in 1890