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St Mary with St Edward and St Luke, Leyton

A much altered building. The tower is of 1658, the church was repaired by Jesse Gibson in 1794, the south aisle added by John Shaw 1822 and all restored 1929-32 by J.Andrew Minty.

leyton_st_mary111212_2 leyton_st_mary111212_
 leyton_st_mary111212_1  leyton_st_mary180413_6
 leyton_st_mary180413_8  leyton_st_mary180413_9
 leyton_st_mary180413_10  leyton_st_mary180413_14
 leyton_st_mary180413_15  leyton_st_mary180413_11
 leyton_st_mary180413_12  leyton_st_mary180413_7
 leyton_st_mary180413_4  leyton_st_mary180413_5

St Peter in the Forest, Woodford New Road, Walthamstow

East of Walthamstow at the southern edge of Epping Forest, semi rural and in an attractive wild churchyard.It was designed in a Lombardic style by John Shaw junior in 1840. In 1854 changes were made by Charles Ainslie and extended westwards in 1887 by J.C. Lewis. World War 2  and a 1975 fire caused damage. The north wall was rebuilt in 1951

walthamstow_st_peter_in_the_forest180413_7 walthamstow_st_peter_in_the_forest180413_4
 walthamstow_st_peter_in_the_forest180413_2 walthamstow_st_peter_in_the_forest180413_6

St Dunstan in the West, Fleet Street

On the western edge of the City Of London. This octagonal church is by John Shaw and dates from 1831.

 city_st_dunstan_in_the_west110114_  city_st_dunstan_in_the_west110114_3
 city_st_dunstan_in_the_west070115_5  city_st_dunstan_in_the_west070115_16