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St Christopher, Dallas Road, Cheam (Roman Catholic)

Originally Cheam School chapel designed by Slater & Carpenter 1867-68. Its orientation was turned by 90 degrees in the 1970s when a new extension at right angles was added.

cheam_st_christopher_rc050314_1 cheam_st_christopher_rc050314_3
 cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_10  cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_12
 cheam_st_christopher_rc050314_2    cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_4
 cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_2  cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_9
 cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_8  cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_
 cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_7  cheam_st_christopher_rc100314_6