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St Stephen, St Stephen’s Terrace, South Lambeth

A replacement of 1969 by Norman Ashley Green for a church of 1860-61.It was extensively refurbished in 2006 with a new entrance and windows.

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St Anne and All Saints, South Lambeth Road

Built as a private chapel in 1793, the chancel and tower were added in 1874 by R. Parkinson. The church now occupies the upper level, with the lower being a hall. The interior shots are from the modern entrance and stairs at the west end.

 south_lambeth_st_anne_and_all_saints131114_  south_lambeth_st_anne_and_all_saints131114_1
 south_lambeth_st_anne_and_all_saints131114_4  south_lambeth_st_anne_and_all_saints131114_2