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St Barnabas, Rushet Road, St Paul’s Cray

High up above the Cray in the middle of a large estate, over a mile from St Paulinus. The striking copper-roofed building is by E.F. Starling and dates from 1962-64. The adjacent hall was built as a hall church in 1953 and used as a church until the completion of the current building.

 st_paul_cray_st_barnabas070217_23  st_paul_cray_st_barnabas070217_21
 st_paul_cray_st_barnabas070217_13  st_paul_cray_st_barnabas070217_16
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 st_paul_cray_st_barnabas070217_  st_paul_cray_st_barnabas070217_22
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 st_paul_cray_st_barnabas070217_9  st_paul_cray_st_barnabas070217_7
 st_paul_cray_st_barnabas070217_6  st_paul_cray_st_barnabas070217_12

St Paulinus (Former), Main Road, St Paul’s Cray now Redeemed Christian Church of God

There are few medieval Pentecostal churches but this is one. It was the medieval parish church of St Paul’s Cray but was made redundant in 1977 and has been a centre for the elderly and offices before its current incarnation. Although heavily restored in 1856-61 it is at its heart a Saxon and Norman building.

st_paul_cray_st_paulinus070217_11 st_paul_cray_st_paulinus070217_8
 st_paul_cray_st_paulinus070217_3  st_paul_cray_st_paulinus070217_4
 st_paul_cray_st_paulinus070217_  st_paul_cray_st_paulinus070217_7
 st_paul_cray_st_paulinus070217_5  st_paul_cray_st_paulinus070217_6
 st_paul_cray_st_paulinus070217_1  st_paul_cray_st_paulinus070217_9