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St Augustine, Baring Road, Grove Park

Close to Grove Park station. The originally apsed chancel dates from 1885-86 and was designed by Charles Bell. The nave and aisles were added by Percy Leeds in 1912. However, the west end was unfinished until 1967 when the present non-matching extension by E.F. Starling was built. The apse suffered from subsidence and was demolished in 1993 with a straight wall substituted in 2007 by Thomas F Ford and Partners. The windows of the apse were kept and refitted around the church.

St Barnabas, Rushet Road, St Paul’s Cray

High up above the Cray in the middle of a large estate, over a mile from St Paulinus. The striking copper-roofed building is by E.F. Starling and dates from 1962-64. The adjacent hall was built as a hall church in 1953 and used as a church until the completion of the current building.

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