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English Martyrs, Chalkhill Road, Wembley (Roman Catholic)

Serving the Chalkhill Estate, but not far from the two Anglican churches at Kingsbury. This is a church of 1971 by B.D. Kaye of Sterrett and Kaye, with the glass and sculptures by Carmel Cauchi.


All Saints, Claremont Avenue/Kenton Lane, Kenton (Roman Catholic)

A large A framed church of 1963 by J.W. Sterret & B.D. Kaye side on to Kenton Lane and in Brent by the width of Kenton Lane.

kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_17  kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_16
 kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_13  kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_9
 kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_14  kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_4
 kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_  kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_3
 kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_5  kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_6
 kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_8  kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_7
 kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_10  kenton_all_saints_rcl280116_11

St Scholastica, Kenninghall Road, Clapton (Roman Catholic)

By J.E Sterret and B.D. Kaye 1963.

clapton_st_scholastica_rc281113_ clapton_st_scholastica_rc281113_2
 clapton_st_scholastica_rc281113_3  clapton_st_scholastica_rc281113_5

Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St George, Enfield (Roman Catholic)

Just south of the town centre a basilica style church of 1958 by J.E. Sterrett and B.D. Kaye.

 enfield_our_lady_rc170613_6 enfield_our_lady_rc170613_3
enfield_our_lady_rc170613_5 enfield_our_lady_rc170613_1