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St Francis of Assisi, Grove Cresent Road, Stratford (Roman Catholic)

Just north of the town centre, by E.W. Pugin 1868 with a sanctuary of 1931-32 by W.C. Mangan.

stratford_st_francis_rc230513_  stratford_st_francis_rc230513_2
 stratford_st_francis_rc230513_4 stratford_st_francis_rc230513_1

St Paul, Maryland Road, Stratford

In Stratford new town, designed by Humprheys and Hurst 1952-53.

stratford_st_paul230513_1 stratford_st_paul230513_3
 stratford_st_paul230513_2  stratford_st_paul230513_

St James, Stratford

Little more than a prefabricated hall in back streets north of Maryland station. In September 2014 the church was amalgamated with the nearby St Paul.

stratford_st_james230513_1 stratford_st_james230513_2

St Matthew, Dyson Road, Stratford

Just off the Romford Road, east of the town centre and now split in two with a pre school in the west end. It is of 1894-96 by E.P. Loftus-Brock, completed by James Richardson and George Patrick after his death.

stratford_st_matthew230513_  stratford_st_matthew230513_3
 stratford_st_matthew230513_2 stratford_st_matthew230513_1

St John the Evangelist, Stratford

On a island site by the old Stratford shopping centre. The churchyard has a giant memorial to protestant martyrs. The church is by Edward Blore from 1832-34, the chancel was added in 1884.

stratford_st_johns_church140112_2 stratford_st_johns_church140112_
 stratford_st_johns_church140112_3  stratford_st_john230513_11
 stratford_st_john230513_5  stratford_st_john230513_7
 stratford_st_john230513_4  stratford_st_john230513_1
 stratford_st_john230513_16  stratford_st_john230513_13
 stratford_st_john230513_  stratford_st_john230513_14