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St Paul (Former), Devonshire Drive, Greenwich (now 7th Day Adventist)

South of Greenwich town centre, this is an incomplete church of 1865-1866 by either S.S. or W.M. Teulon. It was badly damaged in WW2 and rebuilt subsequently. It closed in 1978 and was then used by a Wesleyan group until redundancy in 1984. It was then leased to Calvary Church and a scout troop before being sold in 1991 to the Seventh-day Adventists.

St Mathias, Poplar

Now converted into a community centre (1990-91) after years of dereliction following redundancy in 1976. At its heart is a church of 1652-54 built as a chapel for the East India Company,  remodelled by William Milford Teulon 1870-76 as a parish church.

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