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St Mark with St Anne, Tollington Park

One of several churches in the area by A.D.Gough and built 1853-54. The aisles were rebuilt in 1884 by F.R.Farrow.

 tollington_park_st_mark_st_anne091213_  tollington_park_st_mark_st_anne091213_4
 tollington_park_st_mark_st_anne091213_2  tollington_park_st_mark_st_anne091213_1

St Mellitus, Tollington Park (Roman Catholic)

Built in 1870-71 as a Congregational chapel by C.G. Searle., it became a Roman catholic church in 1958. In December 2013 it was undergoing work on its portico, all the other images are post restoration. Church website

tollington_park_st_meellitus_rc  tollington_park_st_meellitus_rc1