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St Dominic, Violet Lane, Waddon (Roman Catholic)

A suburban church of 1960-61,  designed by Tomei  &  Maxwell.

St Columba, Queenhill Road, Selsdon (Roman Catholic)

Surrounded by suburbia this is a church of 1962 by Tomei and Maxwell.

Church of the Good Shepherd, Dunley Drive, New Addington (Roman Catholic)

At the northern end of the estate in a suburban road, this is a church of 1962 by Tomei & Maxwell. The ceiling has recently been removed to reveal the roof structure.

St Joseph, Roehampton Lane, Roehampton (Roman Catholic)

A short way north of the Anglican Holy Trinity, this is a church of 1881 by F.A. Walters, with an extension at the east end of 1958 and a presbytery, porch and baptistery added in 1963 by Tomei and Maxwell. A major reordering moved the sanctuary to under the crossing while a new hall was added to the south between 1998 and 2000.

roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_31  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_34
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_29  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_1
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_3  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_4
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_5  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_13
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_7  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_12
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_18  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_23
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_21  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_20
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_11  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_8
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_17  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_27

St Mathias, Cheam Common Road, Worcester Park

Designed by Tomei and Maxwell and built in 1962-64.

worcester_park_st_mathias100314_1  worcester_park_st_mathias100314_3