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St Luke, Hillmarton Road, West Holloway

Designed by Charles Lee, 1859-60.

 tufnell_park_st_luke091213_ tufnell_park_st_luke091213_4

St George, Crayford Road, Tufnell Park

Built in 1972-75 and designed by Clive Alexander to replace the nearby redundant Victorian St George.

tufnell_park_st_george091213_  tufnell_park_st_george091213_2
 tufnell_park_st_george091213_1  tufnell_park_st_george091213_4

St George (former), Tufnell Park (now House on the Rock)

A remarkable plan of an octagonal nave within a circular building with a detached tower. It was designed by George Truefitt and built in 1865-68 for a breakaway Anglican group called the Free Church of England. In 1973-76 it was converted to a theatre. In 2010 a new building, Rock Tower, designed by Paul Davis and Partners was added between the church and the tower. The existing building was also renovated.

tufnell_park_st_george_former091213_1 tufnell_park_st_george_former091213_4
 tufnell_park_st_george_former091213_6  tufnell_park_st_george_former091213_9
 tufnell_park_st_george_former091213_8  tufnell_park_st_george_former091213_7

All Saints (former), Tytherton Road, Tufnell Park

Built in 1884-85, designed by J.E.K. Cutts, but made redundant in 1994 and now converted into flats.

tufnell_park_all_saints_former091213_2 tufnell_park_all_saints_former091213_4
 tufnell_park_all_saints_former091213_6  tufnell_park_all_saints_former091213_3