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St Patrick, Park Hill Road, Wallington

Deep in suburbia and well south of the town centre. The church dates from 1932 and is by Newberry & Fowler.

  wallington_st_patrick050314_2  wallington_st_patrick050314_3
 wallington_st_patrick050314_1  wallington_st_patrick050314_4

St Michael & All Angels, Milton Road, South Beddington

Actually very close to Wallington Roman catholic Church. It is by W.D. Caroe and dates from 1906.

south_beddington_st_michael050315_  south_beddington_st_michael050315_2
 south_beddington_st_michael050315_4  south_beddington_st_michael050315_7
 south_beddington_st_michael050315_6  south_beddington_st_michael050315_9

Saint Elphege, Stafford Road, Wallington (Roman Catholic)

Away from the town centre, a church of 1971 by Williams & Winkley.

 wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_ wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_2
 wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_7  wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_3
 wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_6  wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_5
 wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_4  wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_1

Holy Trinity, Maldon Road/Manor Road, Wallington

By Habershon and Brock dating from 1867. On my original visit in March 2015 the interior was inaccessible owing to a major restoration and reordering which was finished in November 2015. On the north side of the church, there is a large atrium linking the church through its north wall to a complex of halls and other rooms. The final two images show the church under restoration in 2015.

 wallington_holy_trinity050315_1 wallington_holy_trinity050315_2