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St Catherine, The Green, West Drayton (Roman Catholic)

Opposite the large green west of the shopping area, this is a church of 1869 by Wilson & Nicholl. The top of the tower was completed as late as 1985.

west_drayton_st_catherine_rc100314_  west_drayton_st_catherine_rc100314_1
 west_drayton_st_catherine_rc100314_5  west_drayton_st_catherine_rc100314_3

St Martin, Church Road, West Drayton

In a secluded churchyard away from the main shopping area. basically a 13th century church, restored 1850-52 by Charles Innes. In 1974/75 the orientation was reversed making the chancel the entrance area and the altar is in front of the tower arch.

west_drayton_st_martin210914_ west_drayton_st_martin100314_10
 west_drayton_st_martin100314_8  west_drayton_st_martin100314_2
 west_drayton_st_martin100314_4  west_drayton_st_martin100314_9
  west_drayton_st_martin210914_1  west_drayton_st_martin210914_2
 west_drayton_st_martin210914_3  west_drayton_st_martin210914_5
 west_drayton_st_martin210914_4  west_drayton_st_martin210914_28
 west_drayton_st_martin210914_15  west_drayton_st_martin210914_40
 west_drayton_st_martin210914_30  west_drayton_st_martin210914_34
 west_drayton_st_martin210914_39  west_drayton_st_martin210914_33
 west_drayton_st_martin210914_31  west_drayton_st_martin210914_36