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All Saints, Rosendale Road/Lovelace Road, West Dulwich

A huge unfinished church by G.H. Fellowes-Prynne of 1887-91 was badly damaged in WW2 and rebuilt by J.B.S. Comper. However it was burned out in 2000 and an impressive new church built in the walls, retaining the chancel but with much simplified furnishings. This dates from 2006 and was designed by Thomas F. Ford and Partners.

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 west_dulwich_all_saints061114_15  west_dulwich_all_saints061114_16

Emmanuel, Clive Road, West Dulwich

A small defensive church which includes flats and a youth club in its footprint. It replaced a church of 1876 which was burnt out. This building was designed by Hutchinson, Locke and Monk and built in 1967.

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