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St Cuthbert, Fordwych Road, West Hampstead

As close to Kilburn as West Hampstead. The church dates from 1987-88 and is by Jeremy A. Allen in replacement of its late 19th century predecessor. The bell comes from that earlier building.


Emmanuel, Lyncroft Gardens, West Hampstead

At the north end of the shopping area, a large church of by J.A. Thomas of Whitfield & Thomas. The chancel and 4 bays of the nave from 1897-98, the rest done in 1903.

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 west_hampstead_emmanuel070215_34  west_hampstead_emmanuel070215_10
 west_hampstead_emmanuel070215_26  west_hampstead_emmanuel070215_2
 west_hampstead_emmanuel070215_14  west_hampstead_emmanuel070215_15
 west_hampstead_emmanuel070215_13  west_hampstead_emmanuel070215_18
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 west_hampstead_emmanuel070215_4  west_hampstead_emmanuel070215_5
 west_hampstead_emmanuel070215_20  west_hampstead_emmanuel070215_23

St James, West Hampstead

By Sir Arthur Blomfield 1885-88. Almost opposite West Hampstead tube station. In 2014 it was adapted to be a community facility and now houses, a post office, cafe, soft play centre and a worship area in the nave. The chancel is unchanged.

west_hampstead_st_james090212_            west_hampstead_st_james070215_13
 west_hampstead_st_james070215_12  west_hampstead_st_james070215_
 west_hampstead_st_james070215_8  west_hampstead_st_james070215_11
 west_hampstead_st_james070215_10  west_hampstead_st_james070215_7
 west_hampstead_st_james070215_6  west_hampstead_st_james070215_3
 west_hampstead_st_james070215_1  west_hampstead_st_james070215_9