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St James, Stanley Avenue, Alperton

The present 1990 building replaces a church of 1911. The architect is Anthony Rouse of K.C. White and Partners. The lower floor is partitioned into three, with the nearest area to the road being used as the main worship area.


St James, Mitcham Lane, West Streatham

Built 1910 by F. Peck, with the chancel added in 1914-15. The narthex by the K.C. White Partnership was added in 1970. The war memorial arranged by streets, now on the east front is an unusual feature.

 west_streatham_st_james201216_35  west_streatham_st_james201216_33
 west_streatham_st_james201216_5  west_streatham_st_james201216_4
 west_streatham_st_james201216_31  west_streatham_st_james201216_16
 west_streatham_st_james201216_24  west_streatham_st_james201216_24
 west_streatham_st_james201216_29  west_streatham_st_james201216_23
 west_streatham_st_james201216_15  west_streatham_st_james201216_21
 west_streatham_st_james201216_18  west_streatham_st_james201216_6
 west_streatham_st_james201216_20  west_streatham_st_james201216_11
 west_streatham_st_james201216_22  west_streatham_st_james201216_13
 west_streatham_st_james201216_26  west_streatham_st_james201216_27

St Paul, Mollison Drive, Roundshaw

By the shops on the estate that replaced Croydon Airport (hence the propeller blade cross). The church is part of a community complex built in 2003 and designed by K.C. White.

 roundshaw_st_paul050315_  roundshaw_st_paul050315_3
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 roundshaw_st_paul050315_5  roundshaw_st_paul050315_6
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Emmanuel, Stonecot Hill/Dudley Drive, Morden

This church would be in North Cheam in the London Borough of Sutton if it was over the road. It is of 1962 and designed by K.C. White. The western balcony was added when the west end was divided off to form a meeting area/entrance. The hall next door was originally used as the church.

morden_emmanuel230115_  morden_emmanuel230115_1
 morden_emmanuel230115_2  morden_emmanuel230115_6