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St William of York, Brockley Park, Forest Hill (Roman Catholic)

On a steeply rising side road off Brockley Rise. It was built in 1905 and has been attributed to  Clement Jackson. Subsequently, Wilfrid Mangan in the 1930s and Williams & Winkley in the 1980s made additions to the building.

St Margaret of Scotland, St Margarets Road, St Margarets

Designed in 1968 by Williams and Winkley. There is a large worship area with, to one side, a day chapel (final three photos). The complex also includes halls etc.

st_margarets_st_margaret_rc241116_11 st_margarets_st_margaret_rc241116_10

Saint Elphege, Stafford Road, Wallington (Roman Catholic)

Away from the town centre, a church of 1971 by Williams & Winkley.

 wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_ wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_2
 wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_7  wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_3
 wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_6  wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_5
 wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_4  wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_1