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St Benet, Abbey Grove, Abbey Wood (Roman Catholic)

Just south of the station, this is a small church of 1909 by Benedict Williamson.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Stephendale Road, Fulham (Roman Catholic)

In the Sands End area of Fulham. It is by T.H.B. Scott and Benedict Williamson and built in 1922.


Holy Cross, Ashington Road, Fulham (Roman Catholic)

Rather hidden away in a suburban street north of the Hurlingham Club this is a church of 1924 by T.H.B. Scott and Benedict Williamson, with a western bay and front added by T.G.B. Scott in 1955-56.


St Swithin, Fashoda Road, Bromley Common (Roman Catholic)

A small back street church of 1910 by Benedict Williamson.

bromley_common_st_swithin_rc040317_3 bromley_common_st_swithin_rc040317_2
 bromley_common_st_swithin_rc040317_  bromley_common_st_swithin_rc040317_1

St Boniface, Mitcham Road, Tooting (Roman Catholic)

A landmark just outside Tooting town centre. The church was designed in 1907 by Benedict Williamson, the west front and campanile were added by J. H. Beart Foss in 1927 using Williamson’s designs. The huge mosaic Stations of the Cross are an unusual feature.

tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_26 tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_24
 tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_1  tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_2
 tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_8  tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_23
 tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_3  tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_6
 tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_13  tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_18
 tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_9  tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_10
 tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_16  tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_21
 tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_20  tooting_st_boniface_rc201216_7

St Bartholomew, Hepworth Road, Norbury (Roman Catholic)

A suburban church of 1908 designed by Benedict Williamson. The west end of the nave was completed in 1929. A narthex was added in 1964 and a retrochoir in 1967.

norbury_st_bartholomew_rc161214_2 norbury_st_bartholomew_rc161214_4

Lithuanian Church of St Casimir, The Oval, Bethnal Green (Roman Catholic)

Part of a rather domestic looking complex just north of hackney Road. It dates from 1912 to the designs of Benedict Williamson.

    bethnal_green_st_casimir_lithuanian_rc071113_1  bethnal_green_st_casimir_lithuanian_rc071113_
 bethnal_green_st_casimir_lithuanian_rc071113_4 bethnal_green_st_casimir_lithuanian_rc071113_3