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St Mildred, Parkview Road, Addiscombe

A little nearer the centre of Addiscombe than the Roman Catholic church and Parkview Church this is a large church of 1931-1934 designed by Cecil Hare and his last church. A whole complex of buildings was constructed around its westwards and northwards to give extensive community facilities in 2007. Included in this is a small open courtyard chapel between the church and the extension. The interior of the church was redecorated in late 2018 giving it a very fresh look inside.

Parkview Chapel (Former), Parkview Road/Bingham Road, Addiscombe now Christians in Action

Built in 1913 as Chapel-of-ease. It was superseded by St Midred, just along the road in 1934. It was sold to the Open Brethren but was most recently used by an organisation called Christians in Action. The architect is unrecorded.

Our Lady of the Annunciation, Bingham Road, Addiscombe (Roman Catholic)

Not far from the Anglican St Mildred, it is a large church of 1963-1964 by Denny & Bryan

St Mary Magdalene, Addiscombe

One of Edward Buckton Lamb’s bizarre low church designs featuring a wide nave, small chancel raised high above the nave and a spectacularly contrived wooden crossing. The church was built 1868 as an independent church which failed in 1872 when its founder Ben Oliel suddenly switched from evangelical to high church services. In 1878 it was sold to the Church of England and replaced a temporary building as the parish church. Completion came in 1928-30 when the tower was completed to a non Lamb design. A 1973 re-ordering has placed the altar under the central lantern below a  corona by George Pace