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St Michael and St George, Wilcox Road, Fulwell

Sandwiched between housing and lying between two roads near Fulwell station. It closed in 2000 but was reopened as a church plant in early 2015. At first only the Lady Chapel was used, but a marquee has been erected in the chancel area. The church had been divided into halls at two levels of the west end in the early 1970s. Virtually all the fittings were removed from the church after closure. The designer was J.S. Adkins and the church dates from 1913.

 fulwell_st_michael261116_45  fulwell_st_michael261116_44
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 fulwell_st_michael261116_29  fulwell_st_michael261116_28
 fulwell_st_michael261116_5  fulwell_st_michael261116_25
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 fulwell_st_michael261116_34  fulwell_st_michael261116_33
 fulwell_st_michael261116_7  fulwell_st_michael261116_17
 fulwell_st_michael261116_19  fulwell_st_michael261116_6
 fulwell_st_michael261116_11  fulwell_st_michael261116_22
 fulwell_st_michael261116_8  fulwell_st_michael261116_9
 fulwell_st_michael261116_10  fulwell_st_michael261116_12
 fulwell_st_michael261116_13  fulwell_st_michael261116_14
 fulwell_st_michael261116_20  fulwell_st_michael261116_18

St John the Baptist, Holland Road, Shepherds Bush

The west front is by J.S. Adkins 1909-11, behind it lies a James Brooks church of 1872-89. The interior is stone vaulted throughout and contains rich furnishings, with much glass by Clayton & Bell. Hidden at the northeast end is the tiny Blessed Sacrament chapel.