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St John the Evangelist, Ladbroke Crescent/Ladbroke Grove

On top of the hill in the centre of the Ladbroke Estate between Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill. It is a church of 1844 by J.H. Stevens and G.Alexander.

ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_2 ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_30
 ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_15  ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_27
 ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_18  ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_7
 ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_3  ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_4
 ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_10  ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_8
 ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_19  ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_17
 ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_5  ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_9
 ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_28  ladbroke_grove_st_john160216_12

St Paul, Herne Hill

The original church of 1843-44 by G. Alexander was rebuilt after a fire by G.E. Street in 1858. Inside the west end has been screened off using the former rood screen, a WW1 memorial, and a full height glass partition to form a hall area and a number of smaller rooms.

  herne_hill_st_paul161214_4  herne_hill_st_paul161214_1
 herne_hill_st_paul161214_5  herne_hill_st_paul161214_