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Holy Trinity (former), Morgan Street, Mile End (now Epainos Ministries – New Testament Church of God) and The Heritage & Arts Centre (The HAC Bow)

Originally a proprietary chapel of 1834-39 by Daniel and James Austin. The chancel and east chapels were added in a matching style by Edwin B. Simson in 1910-1914. It soon became a parish church before becoming redundant in 1984. The New Testament Church of God took it over 1996 and meet in the hall attached to the east end. The church is now being converted into a community arts centre.

mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_1  mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_3
 mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_4  mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_5
 mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_13  mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_11
 mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_9  mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_8
The church in November 2013