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St Mary, Walthamstow

The parish church, in the heart of the Walthamstow conservation area. A medieval church refaced in 1817-18 by Charles Bacon.

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St Mary, High Road, South Woodford

From the street, one sees the east end of a church which was added in 1888-89 by W.O. Milne to a church by Charles Bacon from 1817. However, a fire in 1969 reduced the church to the tower and a shell. It was rebuilt in 1971-72 to designs by John Phillips to produce a wide, open space with a side chapel next to the former east end. Many monuments from the previous church (and its predecessor) survived the fire and are mounted around the walls.

south_woodford_st_mary_church280113_5  south_woodford_st_mary_church280113_
 south_woodford_st_mary_church280113_2  south_woodford_st_mary_church280113_6