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St John the Divine (Former), Bedford Hill, Balham now Burlington School of English.

Designed by R.J. Withers the east end, which was constructed in 1883-1884 faces the road. Work on the nave began in 1899 and was completed the following year. It was declared redundant in 1985, having been disused since early 1983. Since then it has been used as a warehouse and offices, a care home, and now an English language school called The Burlington School of English.

Christ the King, Balham High Road, Balham (Polish Roman Catholic)

Built as a Congregational Church (latterly United Reformed Church), it closed in 1977 and was sold to the Roman Catholic Church and dedicated in 1978. It had opened in 1883 to designs by Searle and Hayes.

The Ascension, Malwood Road, Balham

Not far from Clapham South station near Balham Hill. It dates from 1883-90 and is by Arthur Cawston. It was set up for a toddler group when I visited, and the west end was inaccessible due to heating work being undertaken.

                    balham_the_ascension250117_1  balham_the_ascension250117_2
 balham_the_ascension250117_  balham_the_ascension250117_23
 balham_the_ascension250117_9  balham_the_ascension250117_4
 balham_the_ascension250117_16  balham_the_ascension250117_13
 balham_the_ascension250117_14  balham_the_ascension250117_15
 balham_the_ascension250117_18  balham_the_ascension250117_17
 balham_the_ascension250117_6  balham_the_ascension250117_8
 balham_the_ascension250117_10  balham_the_ascension250117_19
 balham_the_ascension250117_20  balham_the_ascension250117_21
 balham_the_ascension250117_11  balham_the_ascension250117_5
 balham_the_ascension250117_26  balham_the_ascension250117_3

Holy Ghost, Nightingale Square, Balham (Roman Catholic)

In a corner of this residential square, some way north of the town centre. It dates from 1897 and is by Leonard Stokes.

balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_29 balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_28
 balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_  balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_25
 balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_1  balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_4
 balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_23  balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_15
 balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_11  balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_13
 balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_14  balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_8
 balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_22  balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_24
 balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_19  balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_27
 balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_7  balham_holy_ghost_rc250117_3

St Mary, Balham High Road, Balham

Originally a proprietary chapel built by F. Hurlbatt in 1807, he added transepts in 1824. It became a parish church in 1855, after which a chancel was added in 1882 by Arthur Cawston and the street front and baptistery in 1903 by William Newton Dunn. The west end including the baptistery is now screened off from the rest of the church.