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St Andrew, Chase Side, Southgate

Alongside the road, hiding a large ASDA superstore, north west of Southgate town centre. The church dates from 1903 and is by A.R. Barker with the sanctuary and north chapel added in 1916 by Barker and Kirk. There are striking modern stations of the Cross and a Triptych and several windows by local firm Cakebread Robey.


St Gabriel, Warwick Square, Pimlico

Built 1851-53 and designed by Thomas Cundy II. The spire was repaired by J.P. St Aubyn 1887-88 and Arthur Baker added outer aisles in 1895-97. The high altar is by John Francis Bentley 1890 and there are many other furnishings by Powells from the late 1890s.

 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_2 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_9
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_11  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_14
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_19  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_16
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_27  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_33
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_37  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_31
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_38  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_30
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_28  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_25
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_22  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_24
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_39  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_42
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_35  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_17

Christ Church, Main Road, Sidcup

The parish church for western Sidcup. It is by A.R. Baker and Son, 1900-1901.

sidcup_christ_church130214_1 sidcup_christ_church130214_
 sidcup_christ_church130214_3  sidcup_christ_church130214_5

St Mary, East Barnet

A small norman village church to which a neo norman brick tower was added in 1829 By R. Kelsey and a south aisle in 1868 designed by A.R. Baker.

               east_barnet_st_mary060615_35  east_barnet_st_mary060615_36
east_barnet_st_mary060615_38 east_barnet_st_mary060615_42
 east_barnet_st_mary060615_19 east_barnet_st_mary060615_34
 east_barnet_st_mary060615_22 east_barnet_st_mary060615_15
 east_barnet_st_mary060615_16  east_barnet_st_mary060615_13
 east_barnet_st_mary060615_8  east_barnet_st_mary060615_6
 east_barnet_st_mary060615_4  east_barnet_st_mary060615_5
 east_barnet_st_mary060615_1  east_barnet_st_mary060615_10
 east_barnet_st_mary060615_2 east_barnet_st_mary060615_7