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St Peter (Former), Lordship Lane, Dulwich Common now Deeper Life Church

A large church with an adjacent hall both designed by Charles Barry Junior, started in 1987-74 but the tower and west end were only completed in 1885. It was declared redundant in 1984 and before becoming part of the Deeper Life Church it was used by the Benedictine Community of Worth Abbey.

St Stephen, College Road, South Dulwich

Serving the southern part of the Dulwich college estate this is a church of 1867-1875 by Banks and Barry (Charles Barry junior). The western bays of the nave being added after the completion of the rest of the church, these attached the tower which had been freestanding to the rest of the building. It required restoration after WW2 damage, however, the 1872 painting of the trial and stoning of St Stephen by Sir Ernest Poynter survived.

St Peter, Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill

A very late, 1852, classical church, designed by T. Allom The chancel was added in 1879 by James Edmonston Junior and Charles Barry Junior.

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