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Holy Trinity (Former), Trinity Church Square, Southwark now Henry Wood Hall

In the centre of an elegant square, this is one of Francis Bedford’s Commissioners churches of 1823-1824. It was closed in 1960, gutted in a fire in 1973 and converted to recording and rehearsal studios by Arup Associates in 1973-1975.

St George (Former), Wells Way, Camberwell

This is the oldest C of E church in Camberwell, but was made redundant  in 1970 and left disused and badly neglected for many years. However it is now converted to residential use. It is by Francis Bedford and dates from 1822-24. The apse was added by Basil Champneys in 1893.

St Luke, West Norwood

On a prominent sloping site above the town centre. The church (one of the Waterloo churches) is by Francis Bedford, 1822. A chancel (now blocked off) and arcades were added by G.E. Street in 1872-73.

               west_norwood_st_luke161214_26  west_norwood_st_luke161214_33
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_38 west_norwood_st_luke161214_36
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_23  west_norwood_st_luke161214_13
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_14  west_norwood_st_luke161214_3
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_2  west_norwood_st_luke161214_11
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_20  west_norwood_st_luke161214_9
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_8  west_norwood_st_luke161214_7
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_12  west_norwood_st_luke161214_5
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_10  west_norwood_st_luke161214_4

St John, Waterloo Road, Waterloo

Built 1822-24 and designed by Francis Bedford. The interior was restored after war damage by T.F. Ford in 1951. The church reopened in October 2022 with a restored nave, crypt, and a new narthex with a glass screen looking into the nave. The pulpit has been removed, the font resited against a wall, and different seating installed. The paintings on the sanctuary wall and reredos are by Hans Feibusch. This £5.5 million work was designed by Eric Parry Architects.

November 2022

November 2014

 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_1 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_25
 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_26  waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_21
 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_4  waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_22
 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_16  waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_13
 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_10  waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_12
 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_6  waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_5
 waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_7  waterloo_st_john_the_evangelist131114_9