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Our Lady and St Catherine, Bow Road, Bow (Roman Catholic)

Over the road from the Anglican Bow Church. It was formerly a convent church. Designed by Gilbert Blount in 1869-70. The transept was added in 1882 by A.E. Purdie.

  bow_our_lady_and_st_catherine_rc071113_7  bow_our_lady_and_st_catherine_rc071113_4
 bow_our_lady_and_st_catherine_rc071113_  bow_our_lady_and_st_catherine_rc071113_3

All Hallows, Devons Road, Bow

A church of 1873-74 by Ewan Christian, badly damaged in WW2 and rebuilt 1954-55 by A.P. Robinson of Caroe and Partners

bow_all_hallows071113_ bow_all_hallows071113_3
 bow_all_hallows071113_1  bow_all_hallows071113_2

Holy Name and Our Lady Vietnamese Chaplaincy, Bow Common (Roman Catholic)

A church by F.A. Walters dating from 1893-94, war damaged and rebuilt in 1957-58 by David Stokes.

bow_common_holy_name_our_lady_vietnamese_rc071113_  bow_common_holy_name_our_lady_vietnamese_rc071113_2
 bow_common_holy_name_our_lady_vietnamese_rc071113_4  bow_common_holy_name_our_lady_vietnamese_rc071113_17
 bow_common_holy_name_our_lady_vietnamese_rc071113_5  bow_common_holy_name_our_lady_vietnamese_rc071113_8
 bow_common_holy_name_our_lady_vietnamese_rc071113_10  bow_common_holy_name_our_lady_vietnamese_rc071113_12
 bow_common_holy_name_our_lady_vietnamese_rc071113_14  bow_common_holy_name_our_lady_vietnamese_rc071113_16

St Paul, St Paul’s Way, Bow Common, E3 4AR

An iconic church of the liturgical movement, built 1956-60 by Robert Maguire and Keith Murray to replace a bombed church. It is currently (September 2014) suffering from ceiling problems, hence the temporary altar and low screen in front of the central one. The

  bow_common071113_4  bow_common071113_6
bow_common071113_1 bow_common071113_2
 bow_common071113_12  bow_common071113_11
 bow_common071113_7  bow_common_st_paul200914_
 bow_common_st_paul200914_15  bow_common_st_paul200914_28
 bow_common_st_paul200914_24  bow_common_st_paul200914_26
 bow_common_st_paul200914_16  bow_common_st_paul200914_14
 bow_common_st_paul200914_12  bow_common_st_paul200914_19
 bow_common_st_paul200914_10  bow_common_st_paul200914_31
 bow_common_st_paul200914_9  bow_common_st_paul200914_6

Holy Trinity (former), Morgan Street, Mile End (now Epainos Ministries – New Testament Church of God) and The Heritage & Arts Centre (The HAC Bow)

Originally a proprietary chapel of 1834-39 by Daniel and James Austin. The chancel and east chapels were added in a matching style by Edwin B. Simson in 1910-1914. It soon became a parish church before becoming redundant in 1984. The New Testament Church of God took it over 1996 and meet in the hall attached to the east end. The church is now being converted into a community arts centre.

mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_1  mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_3
 mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_4  mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_5
 mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_13  mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_11
 mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_9  mile_end_epainos_ministry071113_8
The church in November 2013  

St Mary, Bow Road, Bow

Surrounded on all sites by busy roads this is one of only two Tower Hamlets medieval churches.

bow_church100512_1 bow_church100512_
 bow_church100512_2  bow_church100512_3
     bromley_by_bow_st_mary210913_6  bromley_by_bow_st_mary210913_11
 bromley_by_bow_st_mary210913_4  bromley_by_bow_st_mary210913_10
 bromley_by_bow_st_mary210913_9  bromley_by_bow_st_mary210913_8
 bromley_by_bow_st_mary210913_2  bromley_by_bow_st_mary210913_13
 bromley_by_bow_st_mary210913_3  bromley_by_bow_st_mary210913_1