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Holy Trinity, Bromley Common

At the southern end of Bromley Common. It dates from 1839 with the tower added in 1842 all by Thomas Hopper. The apse and stone tracery was added in 1884 by C. Pemberton Leach.


St Augustine, Southborough Lane, Bromley Common

This church replaced an iron church built in 1913. It dates from 1957 and is by a local architect Victor Heal. Its flat roof was replaced by a shallow pitched one in 1992.

bromley_common_st_augustine040317_34  bromley_common_st_augustine040317_30
 bromley_common_st_augustine040317_29  bromley_common_st_augustine040317_24
 bromley_common_st_augustine040317_27  bromley_common_st_augustine040317_23
 bromley_common_st_augustine040317_22  bromley_common_st_augustine040317_21
 bromley_common_st_augustine040317_19  bromley_common_st_augustine040317_13
 bromley_common_st_augustine040317_16  bromley_common_st_augustine040317_11
 bromley_common_st_augustine040317_3  bromley_common_st_augustine040317_4
 bromley_common_st_augustine040317_2  bromley_common_st_augustine040317_9
 bromley_common_st_augustine040317_12  bromley_common_st_augustine040317_
 bromley_common_st_augustine040317_15  bromley_common_st_augustine040317_6

St Swithin, Fashoda Road, Bromley Common (Roman Catholic)

A small back street church of 1910 by Benedict Williamson.

bromley_common_st_swithin_rc040317_3 bromley_common_st_swithin_rc040317_2
 bromley_common_st_swithin_rc040317_  bromley_common_st_swithin_rc040317_1

St Luke, Bromley Common

A prominent landmark south of Bromley town centre on the corner of Southlands Road. It dates from 1886-90 and is by Arthur Cawston. The tower top and spire were finished in 1910. It is now very visibly used by the evangelical Hope church as well as for Anglican services.

bromley_common_st_luke040317_9 bromley_common_st_luke040317_6
 bromley_common_st_luke040317_5  bromley_common_st_luke040317_2
 bromley_common_st_luke040317_  bromley_common_st_luke040317_4
 bromley_common_st_luke040317_8  bromley_common_st_luke040317_7