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St Aidan, Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon (Roman Catholic)

Lower down the hill than St Andrew but firmly in suburbia. The original church was begun in 1932 by Adrian Scott and completed in 1966 by Burles, Newton & Partners.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, St Elmos Road, Surrey Docks (Roman Catholic)

In the middle of the regenerated area of Surrey Docks, this is a church of 1987 by Gerald Murphy of Burles, Newton and Partners.


St Patrick, Hardie Close, Neasden (Roman Catholic)

A small church near the huge Neasden IKEA off the North Circular Road and serving the St Raphael’s Estate. It is by Burles, Newton and Partners and dates from 1979.


Five Precious Wounds, Brentfield Road (Roman Catholic)

A large red brick and concrete church of 1965 by Burles, Newton and Partners.


Our Lady Queen of Apostles, The Green, Heston (Roman Catholic)

A large church, set back from the main road north of the parish church. It was designed by John Newton of Burles, Newton and Partners in 1963. There is dalle de verre glass in the former baptistery and the side porch designed by Pierre Formaintraux. The 19th century organ in the west gallery comes from a redundant chapel in Darwen, Lancashire.


St Anthony of Padua, Garratt Road, Edgware (Roman Catholic)

In a quiet street behind the town centre, this was a three bay church of 1913, architect unknown, to which a further three bays were added in 1931. Burles and Newton added a chancel in 1956-1958.


St Francis de Sales, Wellington Road, Hampton Hill (Roman Catholic)

Dating from 1965-66, it was designed by John Newton of Burles, Newton and Partners.

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St Aloysius, Phoenix Road, Somers Town (Roman Catholic)

Round the corner from Euston Station, this is a church of 1966-67 by John Newton of Burles, Newton & Partners. It replaced a church of 1808 damaged in WW2.

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 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_6  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_15
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_13  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_12
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_11  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_10
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_7  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_9
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_8  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_27
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_17  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_28
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_20  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_21
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_22  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_18
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_23  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_24

St Anselm, South Road, Southall (Roman Catholic)

South of the station and the Uxbridge Road part of the town centre. The church dates from 1967 and was designed by J.Newton of Burles Newton and Partners. The glass is by Patrick Reyntiens.

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St Aidan of Lindisfarne, Old Oak Common Lane, East Acton (Roman Catholic)

Part of the street frontage just north of Savoy Circus on Western Avenue. It dates from 1958-61 and is by John Newton of Burles, Newton and Partners. Inside there are many impressive art works. The concrete and mosaic stations are by A. Fleischmann, the crucifixion painting by Graham Sutherland. The dalle de verre coloured glass is by Pierre Fourmaintreaux

https://londonchurchbuildings.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/east_acton_st_aidan_rc120514_1.jpg https://londonchurchbuildings.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/east_acton_st_aidan_rc120514_1.jpg
 https://londonchurchbuildings.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/east_acton_st_aidan_rc120514_1.jpg  https://londonchurchbuildings.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/east_acton_st_aidan_rc120514_1.jpg