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St Matthew, Hallowell Lane, Northwood (Roman Catholic)

A plain church of 1923-24 in a road off the main street near Northwood Station. The aisles were extended in 1983 by Gerald Murphy of Burles, Newton & Partners

northwood_st_mathew_rc30314_  northwood_st_mathew_rc30314_3

St Thomas Moore, Field End Road, Eastcote (Roman Catholic)

Just down the road from the Anglican church this is a church of 1976 by John Newton of Burles, Newton and Partners, incorporating a hall of 1937 by L. Shattock.

  eastcote_st_thomas_more_rc30314_3 eastcote_st_thomas_more_rc30314_4
 eastcote_st_thomas_more_rc30314_1  eastcote_st_thomas_more_rc30314_2

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Botwell Lane, Hayes (Roman Catholic)

Sitting just north west of Hayes town centre, a vast church of 1961 by Burles, Newton and Partners. The large chancel painting is by Pietro Annigioni and the glass by Goddard and Gibbs.

hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_1  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_2
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_3  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_34
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_6  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_7
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_19  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_9
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_11  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_10
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_12  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_27
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_20  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_14
 hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_5  hayes_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc060314_4

St Thomas Moore, Henry Road, Manor House (Roman Catholic)

A small church hidden away in suburban streets near manor House Station. It dates from 1972-75 and was designed by John Newton of Burles, Newton and Partners. It also features a dovecot and its own white doves.

manor_house_st_thomas_moore281113_2  manor_house_st_thomas_moore281113_3
 manor_house_st_thomas_moore281113_1  manor_house_st_thomas_moore281113_4

Our Lady of La Salette, Rainham (Roman Catholic)

A large A framed building of 1966-67 by John Newton of Burles, Newton and Partners.

rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_1  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_2
 rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_30  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_5
 rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_6  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_26
 rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_29  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_11
 rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_9  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_10
 rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_12  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_14
 rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_19  rainham_our_lady_of_salette_rc101013_27

St Thomas Moore, Longbridge Road, Barking (Roman Catholic)

A couple of kilometres north west of Barking town centre, a church of 1991 by Gerald Murphy of Burles, Newton and Partners added on to an older building of 1935.

Barking_st_thomas_more260913_ Barking_st_thomas_more260913_2
 Barking_st_thomas_more260913_3  Barking_st_thomas_more260913_4

St Mary and St Ethelburga, Linton Road, Barking (Roman Catholic)

Close to the town centre by John Newton of Newton, Burles and Partners and dating from 1979 replacing a 19th century church.

barking_st_mary_rc260913_2  barking_st_mary_rc260913_
 barking_st_mary_rc260913_8  barking_st_mary_rc260913_9
 barking_st_mary_rc260913_7  barking_st_mary_rc260913_5

St Stephen, Church Road, Little Ilford (Roman Catholic)

Opposite the anglican parish church, this church dates from 1958 and is by David Rodney Burles of Burles and Newton.

little_ilford_st_stephen_rc230513_ little_ilford_st_stephen_rc230513_2
little_ilford_st_stephen_rc230513_4  little_ilford_st_stephen_rc230513_6

St Michael, Tilbury Road, East Ham (Roman Catholic)

Designed by A.J. Newton of Newton and Burles and built in 1959, in a quiet street near Central Park.

east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_2 east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_4
east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_5  east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_8
 east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_7 east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_6
 east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_3 east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_

St John the Baptist, Wanstead Park Road, Ilford (Roman Catholic)

From 1967 and designed by John Newton of Burles, Newton and Partners.

  ilford_st_john_the_baptist_rc020413_  ilford_st_john_the_baptist_rc020413_2