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Our Lady of Hal, Arlington Road, Camden Town (Roman Catholic)

Near the centre of Camden, this is a church of 1933 by Wilfrid C. Mangan. It was commissioned by a Belgian order, though it is now an ordinary parish church.


St Paul, Camden Square, Camden

A combined hall, offices and worship area built in the 1950s to replace a church destroyed in WW2. The worship area is a small area at one end, it can be opened out into the hall. The window is made up from sections of a window in the old church.


St Michael, Camden Road, Camden Town

A church by Bodley & Garner built in 1880-81 (nave) and 1893-94 (chancel)

camden_st_michael010312_  camden_st_michael010312_1
                     camden_st_michael160116_36  camden_st_michael160116_37
 camden_st_michael160116_  camden_st_michael160116_10
 camden_st_michael160116_5  camden_st_michael160116_33
 camden_st_michael160116_32  camden_st_michael160116_31
 camden_st_michael160116_27  camden_st_michael160116_16
 camden_st_michael160116_6  camden_st_michael160116_19
 camden_st_michael160116_17  camden_st_michael160116_18
 camden_st_michael160116_22  camden_st_michael160116_8
 camden_st_michael160116_1  camden_st_michael160116_9
 camden_st_michael160116_25  camden_st_michael160116_23
 camden_st_michael160116_30  camden_st_michael160116_34



All Saints, Camden Street, Camden Town (Greek Orthodox)

Built by  W & H.W. Inwood  1822-24, but a Greek Orthodox Church since 1948 with a typical interior of giant chandeliers and an iconostasis in front of the altar.

camden_all_saints_greek_othodox010312_  camden_all_saints_greek_othodox010312_2