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St Cedd, Canning Town (former) now Ghana Seventh Day Adventist

By the busy six lane Newham Road. It was an Anglican chuch of 1938-39 by Gordon O’Neill, damaged in a fire in 1995 and left derelict. It has now been restored and re-opened as a Seventh Day Adventist church.

  canning_town_former_st_cedd090513_5 canning_town_former_st_cedd090513_6
 canning_town_former_st_cedd090513_3  canning_town_former_st_cedd090513_1

Chapel of St George and St Helena (Former), Vincent Street, Canning Town now River Church (Elim Pentecostal)

An Anglican mission that has gone through several incarnations since the 19th century. The chapel is now an Elim Pentecostal church. The building dates from 1929-30 and was designed by Geoffrey Raymond.

  canning_town_river_christian_centre090513_1 canning_town_river_christian_centre090513_2
canning_town_river_christian_centre090513_  canning_town_river_christian_centre090513_4

St Luke, Jude Street, Canning Town (former church)

A dominating church of 1873-75 by Giles and Gane. It was deconsecrated in 1985 and now features business units, a doctor’s surgery and a cafe from where the west window can be seen. The apse features impressive mosaics which are awaiting restoration and are not normally accessible. It was replaced by St Luke, Ruscoe Road.

   canning_town_st_luke_old_church130513_14 canning_town_st_luke_old_church090513_7
canning_town_st_luke_old_church130513_12  canning_town_st_luke_old_church090513_3
 canning_town_st_luke_old_church130513_13 canning_town_st_luke_old_church130513_3
 canning_town_st_luke_old_church130513_15 canning_town_st_luke_old_church130513_20
 canning_town_st_luke_old_church130513_21 canning_town_st_luke_old_church130513_23
 canning_town_st_luke_old_church130513_25 canning_town_st_luke_old_church130513_2
 canning_town_st_luke_old_church130513_6 canning_town_st_luke_old_church130513_8

St Luke, Ruscoe Road, Canning Town

Basically a primary school hall replacing a huge nearby 19th century church. It was designed by Ronald Wylde Partnership and built 1999-2000.

 canning_town_st_luke090513_  canning_town_st_luke090513_2

St Margaret and All Saints, Barking Road, Canning Town (Roman Catholic)

A prominent street front church featuring a huge five pointed tracery star west window. The church was built 1875-76 by F.W. Tasker and restored after war damage in 1949-51 by T.G. Birchall-Scott.

 canning_town_st_margaret_rc090513_2 canning_town_st_margaret_rc090513_4
 canning_town_st_margaret_rc090513_6 canning_town_st_margaret_rc090513_1

St Mathias, Canning Town

A mixed housing/community development incorporating a church of 1991 by APEC.

plaistow_st_mathias090513_1  plaistow_st_mathias090513_