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St Cedd, Canning Town (former) now Ghana Seventh Day Adventist

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By the busy six lane Newham Road. It was an Anglican chuch of 1938-39 by Gordon O’Neill, damaged in a fire in 1995 and left derelict. It has now been restored and re-opened as a Seventh Day Adventist church.

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 canning_town_former_st_cedd090513_3  canning_town_former_st_cedd090513_1

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  1. Patricia Carter was English says:

    I attended St Cedds church Becton road E16 for many many years, the Curate was a Rob Brown who helped me tremendously when I lost my father, but I cannot remember the name of the Vicar, my friend and I used to go the the vicarage after morning service of a Sunday and do a Buffett lunch for the church goers, we also used to help out 2 days a week in the office there for births deaths and marriage can someone please let me know the name of the vicar if he and his curate are still alive and were I could contact them,

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