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St Catherine (former), High Street/Hanworth Road, Feltham

This church closed in 1975 and all that remains is the tower and spire attached to a building called St Catherine’s House. This was built as offices by Biscoe and Stanton in 1979-81 but is now a hostel for the homeless. The church was designed by Carpenter and Ingelow and built in 1878-80 but the tower was only added in 1898.


St Dunstan, Church Road, Cheam

Built 1862-64 to designs by F.H. Pownall, the tower and spire were added by Carpenter & Ingelow in 1870.

 cheam_st_dunstan100314_ cheam_st_dunstan100314_30
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_31  cheam_st_dunstan100314_30
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_29  cheam_st_dunstan100314_28
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_15  cheam_st_dunstan100314_14
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_8  cheam_st_dunstan100314_20
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_2  cheam_st_dunstan100314_5
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_7  cheam_st_dunstan100314_27
 cheam_st_dunstan100314_16  cheam_st_dunstan100314_18

St Barnabas, St Barnabas Road, Sutton

In the “New Town” east of the town centre, this is a church of 1884-91 by Carpenter & Ingelow.

sutton_st_barnabas240215_ sutton_st_barnabas240215_1
 sutton_st_barnabas240215_2  sutton_st_barnabas240215_3

St Paul, Hook Road, Hook

On the main road north of the shopping area. It is by Carpenter and Ingelow and dates from 1881-83

 hook_st_paul270214_2 hook_st_paul270214_6
 hook_st_paul270214_9  hook_st_paul270214_8

St Michael, Chase Side, Enfield

A suburban church at the foot of Gordon Hill north of  Enfield Town, by Carpenter & Ingelow 1874, the unfinished west end was completed in 1963.