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St Catherine (former), High Street/Hanworth Road, Feltham

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This church closed in 1975 and all that remains is the tower and spire attached to a building called St Catherine’s House. This was built as offices by Biscoe and Stanton in 1979-81 but is now a hostel for the homeless. The church was designed by Carpenter and Ingelow and built in 1878-80 but the tower was only added in 1898.



  1. John Ford. says:

    I was a bell ringer ( campanologist) at St Catherine’s Church for a time, With some of the most memorable peals anywhere. The bells still ring out though from a church In Guernsey, CI, since the early-ish eighties ( all documented)

  2. Allan Ebert says:

    My grandparents, Robert and Lilian Goddard, were married in the church in 1918. They migrated to Australia soon after.

  3. chris cordrey says:

    I am researching into my parents wedding, they were married here at St Catherine’s Church May 24th 1947, dad was a civil servant and bachelor and mum a spinster,,, I had hoped to visit, but its tower is now boarded up and the brick building a homeless centre.

    I will visit the tower at least

    • tony fredjohn says:

      Dear Chris

      The Feltham History Group may be able to assist you on this and are writing up a history of the church ,
      Please send an enquiry to the Secretary

      • John Ford says:

        Hi,  Its good to see St Catherines church getting a mention, I was a member of that church as a young person and sang in the choir in the 1950’s  ( the organist was also the choir master and a form teacher and music teacher at a local boys secondary school , Longford Boys  School, sadly his name escapes me for the moment, it will come back, a really super church inside and beautifully kept, and with its  magnificent spire, a masterpiece and still is the focal point at Feltham, I did have a brief introduction to  bell ringing ( campanology) but I  found it too difficult to do and a bit scary too, However, I do know that the bells had been bought by a church in Guernsey ( they have Facebook page too) a few years after the church was deconsecrated,  and they are still there to this very day and peeling every Sunday, many churches today do not have their own traditional bells, today, and for a long time they have recordings of the bells peeling  and the changes together with a big amplifier and speakers and that is what you hear in the communities.  Today I am coming up to my 78th birthday in June, born 1943 Isleworth cottage hospital , no NHS then until 1948. If I remember the name of the choir master ( booming tenor voice, great singer I will pass it on to you and anything else that comes to mind Best regards

  4. Linda Holland says:

    I was born in 1947 in Bedfont Lane, family name Chaffey. My sister, myself and brother were christened there. I loved St Vatherines have some lovelly memoirs.

    • John Ford says:

      Hello Linda, thanks for your reply and as a child I went to both Southville infants and junior schools in Bedfont Lane, happy days for very many of us, I had a further association later with Bedfont Lane Methodist church and the 1st Feltham Boys Brigade and played in the band with a bugle, loved it, and it fostered my interest in music and went on to a study and play the trumpet with an ex-Army tutor from Kneller Hall, the famous military school of music Whitton. I never lost interest in music and performance and today I have a music room with around 9 synthesizer keyboards ( collection) plus an up-to-date multi-track recording set-up via a computer, so today you can be an entire symphony orchestra and you can play each part of the orchestra then record it and play it all back and leave one of the parts for you to play as it plays back !!!! Hollywood knows all about obtaining musicians playing synthesizers to compose and play the music for their films, quite often just one man on his own working from a small home or commercial studio, it has been like this for a long time now, the film studio’s save a huge amount of money this way. I am sure I remember your family name of Chaffy, was there a BARRY CHAFFY? In the Boys Brigade perhaps? My memory is far from good these days, love to hear from you again……………… JOHN FORD

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