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St Catherine (former), High Street/Hanworth Road, Feltham

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This church closed in 1975 and all that remains is the tower and spire attached to a building called St Catherine’s House. This was built as offices by Biscoe and Stanton in 1979-81 but is now a hostel for the homeless. The church was designed by Carpenter and Ingelow and built in 1878-80 but the tower was only added in 1898.



  1. John Ford. says:

    I was a bell ringer ( campanologist) at St Catherine’s Church for a time, With some of the most memorable peals anywhere. The bells still ring out though from a church In Guernsey, CI, since the early-ish eighties ( all documented)

  2. Allan Ebert says:

    My grandparents, Robert and Lilian Goddard, were married in the church in 1918. They migrated to Australia soon after.

  3. chris cordrey says:

    I am researching into my parents wedding, they were married here at St Catherine’s Church May 24th 1947, dad was a civil servant and bachelor and mum a spinster,,, I had hoped to visit, but its tower is now boarded up and the brick building a homeless centre.

    I will visit the tower at least

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