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St Andrew, Holborn Viaduct, City of London

A Great Fire ruin rebuilt by Wren in 1684-86. The medieval tower was kept but refaced 1703-04. Seeley and Paget restored it in 1961 after gutting in 1941.

city_st_andrew_holborn110114_ city_st_andrew_holborn110114_1
 city_st_andrew_holborn110114_3  city_st_andrew_holborn110114_6
 city_st_andrew_holborn060214_20  city_st_andrew_holborn060214_21

St Alban, Wood Street, City of London

This is a tower of 1682-87, by Wren, of a church bombed in WW2 and demolished in 1955. The tower was converted into a house 1984-85 by Frederick Burn, Smith and Partners.

city_st_alban_wood_street110114_  city_st_alban_wood_street110114_2

Christ Church, Newgate Street, City of London

Built 1677-87 by Wren but largely destroyed in the second world war. The tower and walls were restored by Lord Mottistone of Seely and Paget in 1960. THe church is now a garden.

city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_ city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_2
 city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_4  city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_6
 city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_5  city_christ_church_newgate_street110114_3

All Hallows Staining, Mark Lane, City of London (former)

The church was demolished in 1870, leaving the 14th and 15th century tower.

city_all_hallows_staining110114_  city_all_hallows_staining110114_1

All Hallows by the Tower, Byward Street, City of London

By the Tower of London, a large church with 15th century aisles and some Saxon remains both in the church and in the extensive crypt, together with a 17th century tower. However there was severe war damage followed by rebuilding in concrete by Lord Mottistone of Seeley and Paget 1949-57.

city_all_hallows_by_the_tower110114_ city_all_hallows_by_the_tower110114_1

St Mary, Moorfields, Eldon Street (Roman Catholic)

The only Roman Catholic church in the City of London. It was designed 1899-1903 by George Sherrin and appears as part of the general run of the street frontage.

  city_st_mary_moorfields_rc060214_3  city_st_mary_moorfields_rc060214_2

All Hallows, London Wall, City of London

Designed by George Dance the Younger 1765-67, now mainly used as  offices for the youth charity XLP.


St Andrew by the Wardrobe, City of London

By Wren 1685-94 and restored after war damage by Marshall Sisson 1959-61. The galleries are converted to a library and the aisles to offices and rooms.

st_andrew_by_the_wardrobe_city_of_london190111_65 city_st_andrew_by_the_wardrobe110114_1

St Bartholomew the Great, City of London

The remains of an Augustian Priory, it is one of the most impressive Norman churches in London. Much of the exterior is by Aston Webb 1886-98. The only city church (apart from the Temple Church  to charge an admission fee.

 city_st_bartholomew_the_great110114_    city_st_bartholomew_the_great110114_2
 city_st_bartholomew_the_great110114_7  city_st_bartholomew_the_great110114_1
 city_st_bartholomew_the_great110114_9  city_st_bartholomew_the_great110114_6

St Bartholomew the Less, City of London

The chapel of St Bartholomew’s Hospital, the tower is 15th century, the unusual octagonal church by Thomas Hardwick 1823-25.

city_st_bartholomew_the_less110114_6 city_st_bartholomew_the_less110114_1