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St Alban, Whitehorse Lane, Thornton Heath

On a prominent street corner site at the eastern end of Thornton Heath’s main street. A large church by Bucknall and Comper, it was the first Comper church, although most of the design is by Bucknall. The nave dates from 1889 and the chancel from 1894.

St Barnabas, Browning Road, East Ham

A suburban church in the north of East Ham towards Little Ilford, dating from 1900-09 it is by Bucknall and Comper.

little_ilford_st_barnabas230513_1 little_ilford_st_barnabas230513_2

St Cyprian, Clarence Gate, St Marylebone

A major early work by Sir Ninian Comper near Marylebone Station. Consecration was in 1903 and furnishings were added up to the 1940s.


Grosvenor Chapel, South Audley Street,

Originally a proprietary (i.e. private) chapel in Mayfair. The architect is probably Benjamin Timbrell and it was built 1730-31. The chancel was seperated off with a screen to form a lady chapel in 1912-13

westminster_grosvenor_chapel230111_2 westminster_grosvenor_chapel230111_1
 westminster_grosvenor_chapel230111_  mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_
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 mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_13  mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_11
 mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_9  mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_10
 mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_7  mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_8

St Mary Magdalene, Rowington Close, Paddington

Alongside the Grand Union Canal this is one of George Edmund Street’s masterpieces dating from 1868-1878. It is fitted onto an awkwardly shaped site,  defined by now demolished streets.  Most of the glass was designed by Henry Holliday and made by Heaton, Butler and Bayne. The south aisle of the crypt (the bottom 10 pictures) was made into the chapel of St Sepulchre by Ninian Comper in 1895, it was renovated by Sebastian Comper in 1967 but is again in need of restoration.

 st_mary_magdalene_paddington151204c paddington_st_mary_magdalenel090214_3
st_mary_magdalene_paddington151204  paddington_st_mary_magdalenel090214_4
 paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_3
paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_33  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_29
              paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_96  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_2
 paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_4  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_32
 paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_100  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_102
         paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_18  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_14
 paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_16  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_19
 paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_12  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_6
 paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_95  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_98
 paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_26  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_91
 paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_66  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_59
 paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_54  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_70
 paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_83  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_87
 paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_46  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_76
 paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_78  paddington_st_mary_magdalene200914_72